We are now a ‘Parkrun Practice’

We have become a Parkrun practice in partnership with Stewart Parkrun.

Taking regular exercise improves both physical and mental health, and in support of this we have formed a partnership with our local parkrun.  On the 10th of November we will be staffing the Stewart Park event. Why not come join us?

What is parkrun? – A free timed 5km run or walk at 9am every Saturday (our nearest is Stewart park)

Who can take part?

Anyone who can walk or run 5km. Children are welcome (must walk/ run with an adult). There is also a 9am Sunday 2km junior parkrun at Hemlington Lake for 4-14 year olds.

How do start?

Click on the link below and download a barcode then just turn up.


Why should I do it?

  • You may want to improve your fitness , lose weight and strengthen muscles
  • You may be struggling with depression, anxiety or low self-esteem – parkrun can help.
  • After having a baby it can be tricky to regain your pre pregnancy strength, no babysitting required- run with a buggy. Parkrun can help with postnatal depression
  • You may feel lonely- why not come and meet new people or volunteer?
  • You may have always wanted to run a marathon, 10k or half marathon but don’t feel you ever could. Make a start on that journey with parkrun.
  • You may have a chronic condition that can be improved with exercise such as diabetes.

                Whatever the reason – why not give it a go. It’s free and it works.